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Reminder—Weekend outage to all Ivy Tech systems begins tonight (7/22)

The Office of Information Technology will be relocating the Data Center beginning tonight, Friday, July 22 at 8pm (EST) to Monday, July 25 at 6am (EST). During this time period all Ivy Tech systems (except Blackboard) will be unavailable. This includes Banner INB, Banner SSB/My Ivy Tech, email, Campus Connect, www.ivytech.edu, internet and phone services at every campus.


5 responses to “Reminder—Weekend outage to all Ivy Tech systems begins tonight (7/22)

  1. Leslie Marie Long July 23, 2011 at 9:42 am

    I have not been able to get through at the help desk (1-877-489-8324). I am trying to log in to black board, I am taking summer classes and my finals are due this week. I have been going directly to dl.ivytech.edu to try and log in and it repeatedly tells me there is an error after I put in my user name and password. I have checked repeatedly and both my user name and password are correct. How can I get a hold of someone so I can get into black board?

    • Lindsay Resor July 23, 2011 at 9:53 am

      I am having the same exact problem. Please post something if you find a way of getting in contact with someone!

    • What's it matter, not like anyone responds anyway. July 23, 2011 at 10:36 am

      You can’t. I’ve tried to call (no luck), cannot e-mail (no servers), Tweeted (no response), and am about to do a Facebook post in an effort to get *some* result. I cannot believe that they’ve done this in the last week of the semester… and apparently didn’t fully think out the process or have a plan… because they’ve #FAILED. Once again, our IT department receives a big fat “F” on their report card for system up-time, professionalism, and apparently the concepts of networking. I would almost be willing to bet my life its due to Blackboard not being able to validate credentials because THERE IS NO SERVER for it to validate them through (LDAP). Further, I’d almost be willing to bet that there is no one even in the IT department right now… Who lets the voice mail box of a HELP DESK get so full that it won’t accept more messages? Do you realize the number of messages that must be in there for it to be “full”. Once again, let down by our use of technology even for students who (like me) have no “online” classes – yet are forced to use Blackboard to do everything. Its nonsensical and very disappointing. Hopefully they will be making the administration and instructors aware of their failure — because I will be, along with the screen prints I am making every 5 minutes when I attempt to log in — only to get an error. But, as per usual, I’m sure they will just pass the buck instead of accepting responsibility for their absolute failure.

  2. What's it matter, not like anyone responds anyway. July 23, 2011 at 10:22 am

    Good luck everyone! I too cannot log in to Blackboard, I too cannot get anyone on the phone, and I too am getting the “mailbox is full” message on the phone. This is beyond unacceptable! We, the students, cannot even e-mail our instructors to let them know that we’re unable to access Blackboard. My guess (and I’m not an IT expert) is that they forgot that Blackboard would still need access to our LDAP server to verify our credentials. Someone should lose their job for this — they have jeopardized our finals and therefore our grades! This is wholly unacceptable on every level – and an absolute lack of professionalism to allow the mailbox to get so full that new complaints cannot come in. *Light bulb* OHHH… now it makes sense! You can rest assured that the moment the servers come back up – I will be in contact with the Dean of Students and President Snyders office. They (IT) should have WAITED until the semester was over… as if another 10 days would have hurt them… but noooo, now they’re killing us, err, our finals, our research, and our grades. Someone obviously DID NOT have a proper plan in place… a first year business student would know to have a plan, a contingency plan, and another contingency plan — just in case.

  3. ivytechhelpdesk July 23, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    Blackboard is up and running normally. We had a brief outage that was not related to our other outages.

    In the notice it stated that all phones for all campuses would be down as well, this includes help desk phones. The phones are currently up if you need to call but they could go back down again.

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