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Phishing Email Warning

If it’s the start of the term, it must be phishing season. The email message below has been making the rounds. It is more than likely a phishing scam to gain personal information. Many of you have pointed this but just to confirm it did not originate from any Ivy Tech entity. Please ignore and delete it. I will post a similar announcement on Campus Connect for our students. Bogus email and my comments follow.

======BOGUS EMAIL======

From: Administration [mailto:smartbankng@gmail.com] – Hmm, we’re so smart we have a gmail account. Okay, some companies have a gmail address but those giving out $500 to all students?
Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2011 11:13 PM
Subject: Payment added to your school refund account – Sounds good? Not!

This semester, an additional $500 will be given to each student to help with the cost of books, classes, living, food, or any other expense needed to get you off to a bright start. This $500 payment will be dispersed in addition to any funds you are expecting back from financial aid and it will be in the form of a silver prepaid MasterCard. This is not a credit card and nothing is required by you to obtain these funds. Just click below to sign up now. The card is free and you will receive it in the mail within 3-5 days with a payment of $500 added to it. Sounds good. Reasonably well written and who wouldn’t want to get off to a “bright start?” Nothing is required except giving up a little personal information. Again, don’t be fooled.


The sign up process is very simple. After completing the application, just wait for your card to show up in the mail. $500 will be added to the silver prepaid MasterCard for immediate use. Please make sure all information is entered correctly before submitting the sign up application. Might be waiting a while for that card to show up and in the meantime, other funds may be disappearing. And, by the way, why are you giving me this money? If they don’t identify what they do and why they’re doing it, what they do is not a good thing.

Once you receive your Silver Prepaid MasterCard in the mail, you will have immediate access to your funds.

CLICK HERE to sign up now. Don’t click but talk about an appropriate name. Cashflip? Yeah, flips from your wallet to theirs.

======== End of Bogus Email ===============


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