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Weekend Maintenance Activities 9-18

++++++++++OUTAGE ALERT QUICK VIEW++++++++++
SUBJECT: Planned Maintenance Activities
CAMPUSES IMPACTED: Statewide – all times are Indianapolis time (EDT)


Outage Update – Banner Xtender/BDMS/BXS – is back up

Banner Xtender is was down earlier today. The service has been restored and you should be able to access your stored documents and images.

*****************CAMPUS CONNECT UPGRADE*************************

9/18-20 – Campus Connect Upgrade – Statewide

This is a reminder that Campus Connect will be down beginning at 10:00 p.m. on the 18th through 5:00 a.m. on the 20th for an upgrade to the new version. A temporary login page and faux Campus Connect page will be provided with links to the Virtual Library, the email systems, Blackboard and Self Service Banner will be available during the maintenance. Please note, that Campus Connect admin functions will not be available during the upgrade. If a student or staff member locks his/her Campus Connect account, we will not be able to reset it until Monday morning.

Important Hint: Anyone using an older browser, especially IE6, may be required to clear their cache and cookies before they can access Campus Connect. For IE6 you’ll find this option under Tools/Internet Explorer Options. There’s a delete history section in the middle of the screen that pops up. Clear your history, cache and cookies and you should be good to go.

The Technical Staff appreciates your patience during this maintenance activity. Please contact the Help Desk if you experience issues with Campus Connect after the maintenance is complete – helpdesk

This announcement is powered by Pete’s Phuntastic Pinto’s. Pete’s is owned by Laurence Peter Prescott III, the eldest son of Deuce Prescott, and member of one of Lyndon’s most distinguished, read moneyed, families. The first LPP started a small manufacturing company which Deuce nearly ran into the ground before he signed a contract to produce wire ties which at the time were virtually unknown. Everyone thought he was crazy but now wire ties are everywhere and LPP III, known as Triple Play, is free to pursue his passion, not for Jag’s or Beemers, but for the lowly Pinto. Do cars choose the person or do people choose the car? Triple Play saw his first Pinto when his Dad dropped off his Mom’s Galaxy 500 for service and there on the showroom floor was Ford’s baby pony car. It was baby blue and sat sparkling in the showroom lights. He loved the shortened flank, long nose and squat body. In his mind, he saw side pipes, five spoke Cragars and fat tires stuffed under the fenders and in a few years, that’s exactly what he had. While the Pinto was never as popular in Lyndon as the Vega, Triple Play keeps trying. Pete’s Phuntastic Pinto’s is a Pinto theme park, complete with a kiddie car ride made up of different models of Pinto, a Pinto rollercoaster, Pinto-bodied go-karts and other Pinto-themed rides. There’s also a miniature golf course with Pinto-themed holes, a Pinto Drive-In where families sit in Pinto’s while car hops on skates bring them their food and Pinto Cinema now showing movies like “Death Ride to Osaka” which featured about 30 seconds of a Pinto in the background which is unusually high for most Pinto movie appearances. But the best thing about Pete’s Phuntastic Pinto’s is admission is only 50 cents for non-Pinto owners and free for anyone driving up in a Pinto. Concessions and souvenirs are extra. So for a fun day of cheap entertainment, head to Pete’s Phuntastic Pinto’s where Pinto’s are kings of the road!


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